Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Licensing

    Licensing fonts means that you are buying the rights to use the font software within limits of the chosen licence type. You will not own the font itself. EULA specifies the terms and conditions and is legally binding agreement between you and Hurme Design after you have made a purchase.

    We offer Desktop, Webfont, App and eBook/ePublication licences via the online shop.
    If these licences will not cover your specific needs, please contact us.
    Other licences are available, such as Server, Enterprise or a licence for digital advertising.

    It is your responsibility to read and understand the font licences, please do so before you make a purchase.

  2. Licensing on behalf of client

    Buying fonts for your client? On the Checkout page, you can tick the “Licensing on behalf of client” box to enter licensee (your client) information. Please include at least their company name and contact information.

  3. What is included in the purchase?

    When a licence is purchased, you will receive a download link to a package containing appropriate files to that licence. Desktop fonts are in Opentype format, Web fonts in Woff, Woff2 and EOT format, App fonts in Truetype format and eBook/ePub fonts in Opentype format. In addition, all of our fonts are provided with a PDF specimen file, which includes some technical information of that font. For example, Opentype features explained or a list of supported languages. These PDF specimens can be reviewed and downloaded from the font family pages.

    You will also receive the appropriate EULA(s) and a receipt of licence you have purchased. All past purchases, including font files, specimens, EULAs and receipts, are available on your account page.

  4. Payment

    All of our licensing fees are perpetual and one—off with no recurring fees. All prices on our site are in Euros.

    Hurme Design uses Stripe to manage payments. Contact us if you’d like to have an invoice and arrange international bank transfer instead (for orders over 500 EUR). In the case that the buyer’s account does not contain sufficient funds or where the buyer contests the debit charge being taken from its account without good reason, Hurme Design reserves the right to charge an administration charge of 20 €.

    EU VAT number
    Our online shop supports B2B transactions. If you are buying licence for a EU company, you need to enter company’s EU VAT number at the Checkout page.

  5. Discounts

    In short, the larger the order, the larger the discount percentage. The discount percentage is calculated automatically based on the number of licences, font weights, pageviews per month and so on.

    If you purchase two or more licences of the same font at the same time, you will get multi-licence discount.

    Discount campaigns are sometimes known to take place. <link>Subscribe to our mailing list</link> to be notified of our news and campaigns. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Behance and Instagram. For very large volume orders, please contact us directly.

  6. Refunds

    All font software purchases are final. We offer no refunds of the made purchases, so please check your order carefully beforehand and read the appropriate EULA(s). There is no way for us to verify that you no longer hold copies of the font software, so we cannot provide a refund.

    In case of technical difficulties with the font software, please contact us for support. If the font software remains technically unusable in your system after 10 days, despite the efforts of our support, we will offer the option for full refund. In order to receive this refund, you must destroy all copies of the font or fonts from your order in your possession, including backups.

  7. Sharing fonts

    You are not allowed to share fonts with your client, contractor or subcontractor. They must purchase their own separate licence.

    Sharing fonts with service bureaus such as printers is allowed within bounds of the Hurme Design Desktop EULA:

    You are permitted to include a temporary copy the Font Software solely for the purposes of facilitating your personal printing and/or viewing of the document provided that the service bureau and/or printer agrees to destroy the temporary copy of the Font Software after the use for your benefit.

    Sharing webfonts with your web developers is allowed with similar terms in Hurme Design Webfont EULA:

    You are further permitted to deliver a temporary copy the Font Software to a web developer or service bureau solely for the purposes of viewing of the web development of the licensed Primary Domain provided that the service bureau and/or web developer agrees to destroy the temporary copy of the Font Software after the use for Your benefit.

    In addition, you may use the Web Fonts in a secure development environment controlled by you. This staging site must not be available to public and must be for work specifically related to the Primary Domain specified on Your Order Receipt.

  8. Test fonts

    Our Test Fonts are available here.

  9. Font Radar Verification

    We have commissioned Font Radar to help us verify the validity of font licenses.

    Any email received from, is sent on our behalf.

  10. Technical questions

    If you encounter problems with the font files, please contact us for support. To speed things up, please let us know:
    -Your order number
    -Operating system and the version number
    -The name and version number of the application you are having trouble with

  11. Other file formats

    If you should need the fonts in other than specified formats, please contact us directly and ask.

  12. Updates

    Sometimes we make updates to our fonts, adding features/characters or fix problems if we encounter them. If you have made a purchase before, you will receive all possible updates to your past purchases free of charge.

  13. Upgrading

    Upgrading is possible but trading between different licences isn’t.

  14. Website, Privacy

    We do not share your information with any third parties.

    We do not store nor receive your credit card data, instead this data is entirely handled by our payment provider, Stripe. They are using industry standard security measures and are PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

    Our site stores Cookies in your browser to make our online shop functions possible (such as keeping track of your shopping cart or your location inside the website).

    Please see our privacy policy for more information.

  15. Copyright

    All content on this web site is the property of Hurme Design Oy or its content suppliers and protected by Finnish and international copyright laws. Copyright © 2013–2018 Hurme Design Oy. All rights reserved.

  16. Can a font be used in a logo?

    All our fonts can be used in logos with a Desktop License.